Formerly known as Bank Pertanian Malaysia, Agrobank is now capitalizing on its 40 years of experience in agriculture financing to transform and evolve itself into a leading specialized financial institution with a wide-ranging banking products & services in Malaysia. We are looking for talented and capable candidates to make our vision and mission come true.


No. Of Vacancy : One (1)

Responsibility :

 Develop an operational risk management framework

 Review the operational risk management framework according to the best practices of risk management.

 To upgrade the system to be at minimum par with BASEL II.

 Facilitate the strategic risk assessment process.

 Develop and facilitate operational risk self-assessment program.

 Develop and implement external compliance monitoring program in support of Compliance Department requirement.

 Develop and implement collaborative efforts with Internal Audit to obtain assurance over compliance of approved risk mitigating strategies, policies, control, limits as well as reporting and monitoring structure by the business units.

 Conduct operational risk management awareness program throughout the Bank.

 Develop and deliver or co-ordinate training program in relation to operational risk management, code of conduct, reporting systems and compliance requirement.

Requirement :

1. Bachelor’s Degree from higher learning institution accredited by government in the following fields :

 Business, Risk Management, Finance or related discipline.

 Advantage for Certified Professional or Certified Risk Professional holders.

2. Related experience in NPL management, Loan recovery and monitoring.

3. Good knowledge of a board range of corporate and investment banking products, risk management tools and techniques.

4. Strong analytical, interpersonal and communication skills.

5. A team player with the ability to work independently.

6. Good and pleasant interpersonal skill.

7. Ability to have foresight and macro perspective of the Bank risk environment.

8. Professional approach in delegation / management control

9. Planning organizing

10. Problem analysis.

11. Critical thinking.

12. Business awareness.

Saba/Iklan (Shariah) 2011 Inggeris (Rumah).doc


No. Of Vacancy : Two (2)

Responsibility :

 To assist Manager of Shariah Review to execute and guide the development for an effective Shariah Compliance management to manage Shariah Compliance risk at Agrobank, Agrobank branches and at delivery channels of the group.

 To assist Manager of Shariah Compliance to manage shortcomings on risk management practices noted by Regulators and Audit to improve risk management practices in Islamic Banking.

 To perform Shariah Compliance review on product, transaction documents and critical areas to ensure continuous Shariah Compliance in Agrobank.

 To review business operations on regular basis to ensure Shariah Compliance. It covers overall business operations including end-to-end product development process from pre-product approval to post product approval process.


No. Of Vacancy : Two (2)

Responsibility :

(i) To monitor and control the indentification and assessment of Shariah risk to avoid any Shariah non-compliance such as :

 To identify and understanding the inherent Shariah compliance risk in the Agrobank.

 To measuring the potential impact of such risk to the Agrobank.

 To control to avoid recurring of Shariah non-compliance activities.

 To formulate and recommed appropriate Shariah Compliance risk management policy and guidelines.

 To develop and implement process for Shairah Compliance risk awareness in the Agrobank.

Requirement (Post B & C) :

1. Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree or Professional Degree in the following field : Shariah, Usul al-Fiqh, Fiqh Muamalat, Islamic Finance or Islamic Accounting from institution accredited by government.

2. Excellent communication skills in Bahasa Melayu, English and Arabic.

3. Credit in Bahasa Malaysia (included oral test) - SPM Level.

4. Posess sufficient knowledge on basic Shariah and finance in general and Islamic finance in particular.

5. At least 3 years working experience in related field is required for this position.

6. Analytical and good writing skills.

7. Acceptable interpersonal skills and able to interact with people at all levels.

8. Able to think creatively, results oriented and displays consistent performance.

9. Resourceful.

Saba/Iklan (Shariah) 2011 Inggeris (Rumah).doc

Interested candidates are invited to submit job application letter with a complete resume, together with a copy of academic certificates (Degree), birth certificate, IC and a passport size photograph to :

Head, Human Resource Department,
P.O Box 10815,
50726 Kuala Lumpur.


 Closing date not later than two (2) weeks from date of advertisement.

 Indicate the Job title at the top left hand corner of the envelope.

 Only short listed candidates will be notified.

CLOSING DATE : 7 MARCH 2011 Advertisement